Project Management 

Taking into account the specific features of each project, we support our clients to successfully achieve their objectives within the planned time and cost frame and with the expected quality. Our service includes setting up the appropriate project organisation, planning the professional scope and the resulting tasks, as well as coordinating their implementation, while exercising continuous documentation and control.

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IT Solutions

We can make complex things understandable to non-IT professionals. For us, the most important is to keep the human factor in mind - because our job is to build functional IT systems. Typically, we develop custom web-based business applications for our clients using state-of-the-art technologies that provide security at the same time. For tasks involving the already existing IT systems, we analyse the software and hardware architecture, the environment and the documentation of the system, and then make recommendations for optimising the systems.

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Quality assurance

Not only do we notice difficulties and mistakes - but we also act in time. Within the framework of process quality assurance, we provide an external, independent opinion on various aspects of a project, its schedule, problems and risks, through regular checks. We ensure that communication difficulties between customers and suppliers are resolved, and misunderstandings are clarified and addressed in a timely manner. We work on the basis of requirements, checking the resulting products from a software engineering perspective.

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Through this service, we ensure that the system is fully compliant with our partner's requirements and reduce the risks that can affect live operation. Whether it's creating a strategy in the early stages of a project or carrying out carefully planned acceptance tests, you can count on our professional assistance.

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Business Consulting

We provide advice on the implementation of planning, management development and organisational development objectives, as well as the assessment and, where necessary, re-planning of processes related to professional processes. We carry out professional research, evaluations, analyses and studies based on specific needs in various industries (public sector, healthcare, financial institutions, energy, technology and telecommunications).

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Industrial IT – Automation

By assessing and optimising processes, we design and implement efficiency improvement projects that integrate LEAN, engineering and IT with practical project management.

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